The Eighties
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28 westpac 85 returnOne more deployment, one more SpecOp, and another Westpac comes to a close. Pulling into San Diego on the 1st of July, 1985, we could smell the smoke, and it wasn't a welcoming bar-be-cue on the pier! Wildfires had raged out of control all over San Diego County, cutting off traffic, interfering with homecoming plans, and even preventing some families from being on the pier when we pulled in to the lively tunes of a mariachi band.

Not to be discouraged, having been gone since the first week of January, we greeted kids and friends, grabbed our wives or girlfriends, and ignoring the clear and present fire danger, went out and started a few fires of our own!

There is nothing like coming home to your loved ones on the pier. Nothing. It didn't necessarily make the deployment worthwhile, but it sure made us forget about it, at least for a while. 

Thank God for wives and sweethearts, children and family, and all the friends who supported us at sea and away. You made it possible!


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