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By 1700, we were headed back to our rooms to get cleaned up and dressed for the Celebration Dinner, held right in the hotel at their Cala Bella Italian restaurant. The turnout was complete.

Somehow we managed to squeeze all of us into a room designed for less than all of us, with apologies to those that had to sit in the doorway.

Both Leon and John Brandes shared a few words on what it meant to be CO of the Bates, and Donald Bates, nephew of our namesake, William H., shared a little of what had brought him to REGROUPEX 17, to spend the weekend with a group of crusty old sailors that served on board a boat named after his uncle. Thanks to each of them for putting our weekend in perspective!

The meal was delicious, though I don’t remember much of it, other than the three part dessert which was exactly what the doctor ordered.


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