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Saturday morning, we were back at it early, cleaning up the suite and making it ready for the second day by 0900. The day went by quickly, at least from my perspective. I don’t remember eating - I don’t remember leaving the suite. Fortunately, our alert Hospitality Suite Staff and my loving wife occasionally shoved food in my hand and reminded me to eat.

Sea stories were told, retold, and told from different perspectives, some of which Leon Uplinger pointed out were actually true! Photo albums were shared and reviewed. The big HD screen at the end of the room featured every image that you have contributed to the website, rotating through a slideshow that never stopped. Groups gathered around the screen all day, reliving memories, and straining to identify the faces in the photos.

Finally, the full house, mellowed from the previous evening, drifted out and by 2230 we had closed up the suite and collapsed in the warm embrace and comfort of a queen size bed.

I hadn’t slept that hard since the days of Rack Hard, Rack Fast, Rack Often - Whenever You Can, Hit the Rack!

Thanks, Steve Dunkelberger, former RCA and author of that particular bit of valuable boat wisdom.

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