As promised, here is a plea for mean...uh...a list of responsibilities that we collectively need to address in order to successfully pull off REGROUPEX 17. Somebody, either me or you, has to execute these activities for others to enjoy the privilege of sitting around trading sea stories, memories, and bad jokes with shipmates from decades past, which, interestingly enough, turns out to be a lot of fun!

These positions/responsibilities form the core of the REGROUPEX 17 Planning Committee, for lack of a more glamorous name. If you want to have some input into REGROUPEX 17, taking on one or more of these responsibilities guarantees it! Stepping up here gives you a voice in most of the decisions made regarding REGROUPEX 17, so if you want in, just say so. An email to me (use the Contact Us link on any page of the website) or Private Message (through my User Profile) to me will add your name to the list.

While we are on the subject, these are all volunteer positions. Short of a fleeting moment of glory with your name listed as an organizer of REGROUPEX 17, there’s not much in it besides the personal satisfaction of watching dozens of your shipmates from back in the day reconnect as if we stepped off the boat yesterday.

Having been a part of organizing REGROUPEX 09, I will say without hesitation that the ‘Thank Yous’ of my shipmates and friends made it worth it!

Here’s the list, in no particular order:

Hotel/Resort Coordinator:

  • Acts as hotel/resort Liaison.
  • Provides information regarding hotel/resort to members.
  • Coordinates occupancy of hospitality suite/facility.
  • Handles suite related emergent issues.
  • Communicates with membership/attendees through the Website Coordinator.

Alternative Lodging Coordinator:

  • Identifies other lodging opportunities for RV/travel trailer attendees, and for those seeking lower cost alternatives to the hotel/resort.
  • Communicates with membership/attendees through the Website Coordinator.

Food & Beverage Coordinator:

  • Coordinates with resort/hospitality suite manager to determine costs, limitations, and other restrictions on hospitality suite food & beverage service.
  • Communicates same to Planning Committee for decisions.
  • Coordinates with Ground Support Coordinator to arrange pickups and deliveries.
  • Communicates with membership/attendees through the Website Coordinator.

Transportation Coordinator:

  • Coordinates transportation for group events and individuals arriving and departing, where necessary.
  • Coordinates with Ground Support for resources.
  • Communicates with membership/attendees through the Website Coordinator.

Event Coordinator:   Ron Squiers

  • Arranges events and activities for the membership, which might include tours of submarines in port where applicable, other Naval or military sites of interest, dinner(s), shopping/sight-seeing for spouses, etc.
  • Coordinates with USSVI Event Manager to minimize schedule conflict and take advantage of USSVI scheduled events.
  • Communicates with membership/attendees through the Website Coordinator.

Sponsor Coordinator:

  • Coordinates sponsors within membership.
  • Develops sponsors outside membership as necessary when determined by the Planning Committee.
  • Communicates with membership/attendees through the Website Coordinator.

Ground Support Coordinator:

  • Coordinates local volunteers for logistical support.
  • Coordinates with Food & Beverage Coordinator to transport food and beverages to the hospitality suite.
  • Coordinates with Transportation Coordinator to arrange group transport to events as necessary.
  • Coordinates with Transportation Coordinator to arrange individual transport to and from airport as necessary.
  • Communicates with membership/attendees through the Website Coordinator.

Ground Support: Chuck Phillipe, Paul Lair, Mark Schneider

  • Provide ‘boots on the ground’ support at the request of the Ground Support Coordinator.

Public Communications Coordinator:

  • Manages all promotion outside the website.
  • Writes articles for website and public reunion information sources.
  • Includes various websites, publications, newspapers, etc., that publish reunion information.
  • Communicates with membership/attendees through the Website Coordinator.

Ball Cap/Gift Bag Coordinator: Miles Bradley

  • Coordinates with Planning Committee to determine ball cap design.
  • Arranges manufacture and delivery of ball caps.
  • Coordinates with vendors willing to provide gifts for gift bag, if necessary.
  • Communicates with membership/attendees through the Website Coordinator.

Disconnected Shipmates Coordinator: Steve Snyder (2 or more needed)

  • Uses information in the database to contact shipmates previously registered but with inactive email addresses. (Those on the dink list!)
  • Will have special access to phone numbers and addresses.
  • Communicates with membership/attendees through the Website Coordinator.

Website Coordinator: Brad Williamson

  • Manages all communication using website.
  • Communicates with membership/attendees through website posts, Facebook, newsletters, membership mailings, etc.

Registration Coordinator: Brad Williamson

  • Records and posts registrations
  • Collects money from registrations.

Treasurer: Brad Williamson

  • Maintains checking account for REGROUPEX 17.
  • Maintains accounting records of all financial transactions regarding REGROUPEX 17.

That’s it in a nutshell. We may need more, we might need less. Regardless, we need your help to make this a success. Time to go big or go home!

As my mother-in-law is fond of saying, “Many hands make light work!”

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