Tempus fugit, in case no one has noticed. Last time I checked my watch it was New Years, now it’s the end of February. That puts me behind schedule, which, fortunately or unfortunately, is a place I’m familiar with. Of course, it’s also where I do my best work, so there’s that, at least.

According to the countdown clock on the website, we are only 6 months, 5 days, and 4 hours from the kickoff of REGROUPEX 17 in Orlando, FL. Which turns out to be just barely enough time to make this reunion a success, if all of us jump in and get going right now!

So here is what YOU need to do.

1. TELL US YOUR PLAN, whether you can attend or not. (If you have not already done so!)


  • Reserve your hotel room at Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel & Resort using this USSVI link.
  • The USSVI Group Rate is $105.00 per night. You can also stay at a hotel of your choosing, and there are many RV parks nearby. More info will follow regarding those locations shortly.
  • Register with the USSVI National Convention using this USSVI link. We are taking advantage of their group rate, so registering with them is the right thing to do.
  • Don’t forget air travel, rental car, and other necessary arrangements. We will have more information on shuttle service, parking and other details as we go.


  • We don’t know yet what our reunion will involve or what it will cost, but figure on $75-$100 for the REGROUPEX 17 registration, which will include food and refreshments once we get that sorted out.
  • This does not include USSVI registration or any USSVI activities.


  • We have a small handful of volunteers already, despite everything the Navy taught us, and we will need still more. This is your chance to have some input into how that 4 days in September will shake out.
  • More details will follow in a separate post regarding areas of responsibility.
  • Remember, we can’t do it with out you.


  • Most of us realize that this will take some money to pull off successfully. If you have the means, consider financially supporting to help cover the costs we don’t include in the registration, including the sponsoring registrations and more for our shipmates that can’t afford to make it.
  • More details on sponsorship will follow.

That’s it for now. We have a lot of work to do, and precious little time to make it happen.

Do your part. Get hot!


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