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It’s been a busy few weeks sorting through personnel reports from the boat. As I discovered previously unidentified shipmates from 1974 (seven so far), I also discovered that significant changes to the website and site database were required to accommodate and make available what I was discovering.

For example, I was surprised to find the enlisted rating “SD” among the documents. A little research revealed that there was a rating for “Stewards” up until 1975, and we actually had several assigned to the Bates. Of course, that required that the list of ratings in the database be updated, which required restructuring because of the sheer number of ratings, which required the addition of new rating fields (RANK/RATE - ROB, and RANK/RATE - DEP), the transferring of rank already assigned, which means you’ll see an extra rank/rate field or two until I can complete the data transfer.

Yes, it’s been a busy few weeks. There have been many changes that I’ll sum up here:

Master Sailing List Research Project

  • 1974 Personnel Diaries and Distribution Reports are being processed, about 1/3 complete.
  • Seven previously unidentified shipmates from 1974 identified: FTG2 Mark Brunson, SDC Manuel Chavez, LCDR (ENG) Gary Granai, ETR3 Michael Phillips, SN Dennis Poteete, ENS (RCA) John Teply, and FN Daniel Wood.
  • You can view the current list of newly identified shipmates and their details at Quarters >> Missing Shipmates >> Missing Shipmate List Additions.

Speaking of projects, we’ve added a new section to the website to accommodate the activity associated with the future incorporation of the Association as a not-for-profit organization. The tab is at the far right of the menu bar and is titled WHBA.

WHBA (The USS William H. Bates (SSN 680) Association)

This menu will provide access to Association related information as opposed to USS William H. Bates (SSN 680) history, including patrons, planning, and reports.

Listing individuals and organizations that have supported the Association financially including the website, projects, and reunions, or by demonstrating commitment, accountability, and initiative above and beyond! (Patronage is total support, including non-financial activity, while sponsorship is specific project support.)

Yes, it has been a busy few weeks. Thanks for asking!

Thanks for your continued support of the ssn-680.org website, as well as the future USS William H. Bates (SSN 680) Association. Each one of you is part of a significant and unique project sharing the story of a Cold War submarine and the Cold War warriors that manned her, but more importantly, the on-going sharing of a bond known only by those who wore the dolphins beneath an endless sea.

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