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1976 laspezia 006Who can forget a memorable cruise? Cancun? St. Thomas? Guadalajara? Belize? A few days of memories with spouse, friends, or family, and you have a lifetime of memories to treasure forever!

That's what I'm talking about!

In that vein, I offer Med Run 1976. What memories! Who could forget? La Spezia, Bizerte, Naples, La Maddelena...the cruise of a lifetime.

Thanks to Neal Degner, it's yours to re-live at your leisure. Neal shipped a DVD full of images - it's been over a year, so just pretend I'm a government agency, and you'll understand why it took so long for these to make it to the website. Thank Neal for his willingness to get all these together and digitize them. Yell at me for taking so dang long to post them. Whatever, check out these photos and experience the salad days of Med Run 1976.

The photos can be found at Up Scope!  >>  Crew Gallery or can be accessed directly using these links (make sure you are logged in first!):

1976 - Med Run - Bizerte, Tunisia

1976 - Med Run - La Maddelena, Sardinia, Italy

1976 - Med Run - La Spezia, Italy

1976 - Med Run - Naples, Italy

1976 - Med Run - Sicily, Italy

1976 - Med Run - Scotland

Bravo Zulu to Neal - thanks for sharing these with us.

Got photos, audio or video yourself? For details how to upload your own photos, check out How do I upload a photo to the Crew Gallery? on the FAQ page. Check out How do I get my photos and slides in the Crew Gallery if I don't have a scanner? or contact me through the Contact Us page if you aren't sure about how to digitize your photos and documents, and get them on the website. Sounds and videos I'll have to post for you, but photos for the Crew Gallery you can do yourself.

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