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1974 caribbean 001Everbody knows how powerful smells and odors can be in provoking memories. Walking down the city street, if you catch that perfect combination of diesel smoke, rancid river water, and grilling meat, you are instantly transported to the streets of Olongapo (or any of a hundred other ports), no matter what city you are in. All that's missing is a frosty bottle of San Migoo, and the sing-song chant of "I love you, Joe! Buy me a drink?"

A picture, we know it is said, is worth a thousand words, and by that measure, we have close to two million words worth of photographs on the site, which are pretty good at bringing back memories as well.

Somewhere in between photographs and odors, sounds from the past can be pretty evocative, and thanks to Neal Degner and his trusty tape recorder, we now have been able to add audio to our collection of memory prompters.

Some of you have already discovered these gems since I posted them back in December, but if you haven't yet, turn your computer audio up, and be prepared for a rocket ship ride back to 1976.

The audio files can be found at Logroom >> Archives or can be accessed directly using these links:

Rack Curtain Opening

Main Ballast Tank Blow

Ship's Alarms Test

Diving Alarm

Torpedo Firing

If that Rack Curtain Opening doesn't take you back, whether you want to or not, nothing will.

Bravo Zulu to Neal - thanks for sharing these with us. (And thanks for dragging me back, kicking and screaming, to 18-12, and another duty messenger wake-up!)

Got sounds or photos yourself? For details how to upload your own photos, check out How do I upload a photo to the Crew Gallery? on the FAQ page. Check out How do I get my photos and slides in the Crew Gallery if I don't have a scanner? or contact me through the Contact Us page if you aren't sure about how to digitize your photos and documents, and get them on the website. Sounds I'll have to post for you, but photos for the Crew Gallery you can do yourself.

Now if we can only figure out how to get a 'scratch and sniff' card on the site!

Roger Loesch
So cool...so neat to experience something I would never in any way ever have gotten to hear....something actually off the Bates!! Thanks Neal!!!

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