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Some of you have been asking, “What’s up with REGROUPEX 17? Is there a schedule of events? Is there anything to do besides sit around and trade sea stories with old shipmates? What’s up when we get tired of reminiscing with old friends?" (As if that would ever happen!)

Finally, after many delays that are solely my responsibility, I am pleased to announce, thanks in large part to our very own Event Coordinator, Ron Squiers, we have a Schedule of Events. It can be found on the www.ssn-680.org website under REUNIONS >> REGROUPEX 17 >> SCHEDULE OF EVENTS.

The schedule includes specific events for REGROUPEX 17 participants, events scheduled and hosted by the USSVI, and general activities in and around Orlando that might be of interest to you and your family.

In brief, events and activities include:

  • REGROUPEX 17 Dinner - Sunday 1700 - 2200
  • REGROUPEX 17 Tolling of the Bell Ceremony - Sunday 2000 - 2030
  • Swamp Boat Tours
  • Bass Fishing
  • Walt Disney World
  • Kennedy Space Center Tours
  • USSVI Golf Tournament - Friday 0800
  • USSVI Kennedy Space Center Tour - Saturday 0800
  • USSVI Welcome Aboard Party - Saturday 1800
  • USSVI Men’s Luncheon - Monday 1200
  • USSVI Women’s Luncheon - Monday 1200

Most of these events incur additional costs and many must be arranged in advance by those wishing to participate. See the Schedule of Events for details.

The SSN 680 Hospitality Suite will be open from 0900 to 2200 each day, starting at 1600 on Friday and closing at 1100 on Monday to provide a comfortable place to sit, visit, and catch up with old friends. Beverages and light snacks will be provided. Digital slide shows of photos from the Bates website will run continuously.

Our intent is to provide a stress free weekend for you to reconnect with old friends and shipmates over a refreshing beverage, and be comfortable catching up over the last 45 years!

I trust each of you will enjoy the reunion as much as each of us that attended REGROUPEX 2009 in San Diego.


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