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20 regroupex 17Curious as to what the REGROUPEX 17 digs will look like?

Is the Hospitality Suite up to your standards?

How does it compare to all the exotic resort locations we experienced on those Pacific cruises, traveling in all the style a 300+ foot, multi-million dollar pleasure liner could afford?

You remember those bastions of genteel tranquility such as only could be found in the tropical paradises of Pattaya Beach, Grande Island, Diego Garcia and other similarly storied locations?

All I can say is feast your eyes upon this, my shipmates. Look at that spacious floorpan, almost twice what we had in San Diego. Imagine yourself comfortably ensconced in the understated comfort of Rosen’s Shingle Creek Resort, a snifter of Grand Marnier, the Great Mariner in your hand, enveloped in the relaxing atmosphere you see pictured here, sharing stories with your brothers in arms.

16 regroupex 17Do you feel it? That’s the feeling you get when you aren’t yet registered for REGROUPEX 17, and you realize you are about to miss out on a memorable weekend with your friends and shipmates. The feeling of being left behind on the long-awaited liberty West Pac, only this time, it’s REGROUPEX 17, and we really are going to Orlando!

Less than two months left! If you haven’t already, visit the www.ssn-680.org website, and register for REGROUPEX 17.

Don’t forget your room reservations! We’ll see you there!





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