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Community Builder Avatar Brad Williamson
15 days

Speaking of Boat Tour Coordinators, while we still need one, the pressure is off. I spoke to the PAO's office at Kitsap today ...

Community Builder Avatar George M. Sands
1 month 6 days

Brad, I was stationed at the Subase at Bangor, in Seattle, it is very expensive to visit. The Bremerton area is better and th ...

Community Builder Avatar Jacob Gunnarson
1 month 8 days

What's the status of the Piping TAB?

Community Builder Avatar Brad Williamson
1 month 21 days

Frank, I sure would like to see those photos of the last WestPac return, and anything from the Decomm ceremony - let me know ...

Community Builder Avatar Joe Smith
1 month 27 days

I just read the sad news that Eric (Hobb) Hudnell has passed. I wanted to share a little memory that has been anchored in ...

Community Builder Avatar Chris Vesper
2 months 2 days

Godspeed Hobb, we're all that much better for having known you.

Community Builder Avatar Lee Johnson
2 months 2 days

I had lunch with Dave Gordon and "Hobb" the last time I was in Olympia a couple of years ago. We shared some good memories an ...

Community Builder Avatar Chris Vesper
2 months 17 days

You are entirely correct, that was the most/best beach party ever.... from what I remember.

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18 JUN 2019

  • Trump Withdraws Patrick Shanahan from Consideration for SECDEF Job
    This post has been updated with a statement from Patrick Shanahan said. Patrick Shanahan is stepping down as acting U.S. defense secretary and is no longer in contention to lead the Pentagon, according to a series of Tuesday tweets from President Trump. Instead, Secretary of the Army Mark Esper has been named to become the […]
  • Report to Congress on U.S. Navy Ship Names
    The following is the June 10, 2019 Congressional Research Service report, Navy Ship Names: Background for Congress. From the report Names for Navy ships traditionally have been chosen and announced by the Secretary of the Navy, under the direction of the President and in accordance with rules prescribed by Congress. Rules for giving certain types […]
  • Analyst: New Photos Are ‘Smoking Gun’ Proving Iranian Involvement in Tanker Attack
    New imagery released by the U.S. on Monday makes the strongest case yet that sectarian Iranian forces attacked at least one petrochemical tanker in the Gulf of Oman, a long-time naval analyst told USNI News on Monday. Taken from a Navy MH-60R Seahawk, the new photographs show a similar scene as a grainy black and […]