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Community Builder Avatar J.A. "Bear" Stiffey
12 days 13 hours

wife and I will be there also since we are local and we did USS Aspro June 2019 at same place with be glad to help with a ...

Community Builder Avatar Roger Yule
1 month 7 days

Rodney - I'll see you there, and at Point Beach if you're doing the outage.

Community Builder Avatar Peggy Schlenker
1 month 18 days

Hi Mark, I am Peggy Schlenker Jeff Schlenker‘s sister. I know it’s probably bizarre hearing from me after 40 years of Jef ...

Community Builder Avatar Peggy Schlenker
1 month 18 days

Hi Chuck, I know it must seem bizarre receiving this message from me 40 years after Jeff’s death. My sister stumbled acros ...

Community Builder Avatar Kenneth Crosby
1 month 24 days

God willing I will be there!

Community Builder Avatar Brad Williamson
1 month 26 days

Brandi, my apologies for not including you. I did not realize John had two daughters. The Honors Page is updated! If you woul ...

Community Builder Avatar Brandi
2 months 7 days

Survived by daughterS Brittany, and Brandi

Community Builder Avatar Jeff Galli
2 months 11 days

Benny and I were connected on Facebook for years, then he became a monk (literally) and left FB. He was still in Red Bluff / ...

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