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Community Builder Avatar Brad Williamson
4 months 13 days

Tim, I emailed you on November 13, but hadn't heard back. Check your email spam, and let me know how we can assist you with p ...

Community Builder Avatar Brad Williamson
4 months 24 days

Great to hear from you, Kevin! Your father actually registered with this website back in 2009, but we haven't heard much from ...

Community Builder Avatar Kevin Houley
4 months 24 days

My name is Kevin Houley. My dad was CO from 75-78. We are sitting in my living room in Annapolis, MD and I am taking him th ...

Community Builder Avatar TIMOTHY F MAZZA
5 months 11 days

Those shipmates from the early seventies will remember Lt. Dean Macris and YN3 Tim Mazza. Dean and I have written a book, and ...

Community Builder Avatar Richard Reynolds
9 months 3 days

Hi, The circle was know as "Hymie Circle". Rumor was they would put a submarine in it someday to Adm. Rickover's remains. I ...

Community Builder Avatar Steve Snyder
11 months 4 days

Just a thought as we all muddle through the pandemic, and probably have about as many thoughts on how to proceed as there are ...

Community Builder Avatar Ray Haines
11 months 26 days

Gary was kind to me when I came aboard. As a mess crank Gary helped me qual aft and always was a really nice guy. In those da ...

Community Builder Avatar Dennis Carroll
1 year

Just reserved our room!

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