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REGROUPEX 17 - RV Accommodations by Chuck Phillippe (78-80) posted in POD. - via @Shareaholic 


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Watch your email for SSN-680 Familygram: 06 JUL 2017! REGROUPEX 17 registration, hospitality suite, and ball cap info.

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Less than two months to REGROUPEX 17. Registration is open! Pay now to reserve your spot! Details at in the P.O.D!


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Two months and five days to go. Barely a SpecOp away from REGROUPEX 17! Follow our tweets @ssn680org.



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Donations to the website are not tax-deductible...yet. We have started talking about the possibilty of registering The William H. Bates (SSN 680) Association as a not-for-profit. for many reasons, not the least of which is tax-deductible contributions. We'll keep you posted!



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We now have a Hospitality Suite arranged for REGROUPEX 17, so we have a comfortable place to gather, enjoy some refreshments, and catch up with old friends.



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REGROUPEX 17 Countdown


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REGROUPEX 17 - Shipmate & Spouse

REGROUPEX 17 registration for one shipmate (primary) & spouse: $125 USD


REGROUPEX 17 - Shipmate Only

REGROUPEX 17 registration for one shipmate (primary only): $100 USD


REGROUPEX 17 - Spouse Only

REGROUPEX 17 registration for one spouse only: $25 USD


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