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02 bates cover

If you are looking for William H. Bates covers and you have come here expecting a collection of ballcaps, you are going to either be surprised or disappointed.

In the philatelic world, that of stamp collecting, a cover is a card or envelope that has traveled through the mail and contains postal markings. Collectors often prize first day covers, those postmarked on the first day of a stamp's release, or topical covers, those envelopes with a printed, stamped, or embossed design related to a specific topic.



04 bates cover

There is even an organization, the Universal Ship Cancellation Society, dedicated to collecting cancellations and covers related to ships and submarines.

The U.S.S William H. Bates has several commemorating such events as the launching, commissioning, decommissioning, and recycling. The boat also had, at several times, a rubber stamp that was applied to personal mail leaving through the ship's office.

Examples of both are featured here. This is my current Bates cover collection. If anybody knows of any others, please contact me through the Contact page.

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