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Over the years most of us collected a variety of Bates related memorabilia. Some of us thought Bates gear was cool, some were just supporting the Ship's Store and Rec Fund, and others just ended up with a variety of trinkets a la Bates.

Here we display photos of many things 'Bates', including belt buckles, ball caps, patches, a newspaper and several pins. This collection has been provided by Rylance Lord, an enthusiast, Bates supporter, and registered member here at

What makes this collection unique is that not only is it provided by someone who has not served on the Bates, but that it contains items that are related to the Honorable Congressman, William H. Bates, our own boat's namesake. Not only is the collection unique, but so is the contributor. Rylance Lord grew up as family friends to the William H. Bates family. But perhaps it would be better in his own words...


My interest in the site is that I was born and raised in Salem, MA and we personally were friendly with the Bates Family.  My paternal grandmother worked side-by-side with Bill Bates' father years and years ago before he became Mayor of Salem, and then Congressman.  When he was killed in a plane crash returning to Washington, his son Bill took his place and served for 20 years (until his death in 1969).

My brother served as one of the official photographers at Bates' funeral (I have numerous 8x10s of that sad event).  My dad, a Past Commander of Salem's Post 23 American Legion, led the Legion's contingent at the funeral.   Dad and Bill Bates were close friends, also with Bill's right hand man Bill Heffernan.    Bill, perhaps, was the only one who called both me and Dad (we have the same first name) "Ryl" instead of the usual "Ry" or Rylance.   Dad was a Pharmacist's Mate 2/c in WW II and served on the USS Gen. H.W. Butner (P-113).   I never served but am greatly supportive of the military.  I did apply for a naval commission and an army commission as a pharmacist (Viet Nam era) but I had health issues and got a deferrment.   I requested a medical waiver - granted - but LBJ then started to wind the war down and they were taking only ROTC men - which I was not.  So, that is where it stopped.

At a military sale/show in Covington, KY several years back, I found 2 Bates cap patches and 3 Bates belt buckles - bought them all.


Very best wishes,
Ry Lord                     


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