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van-ywebMark Alonzo Van-Y, 57, of Peoria, AZ passed away June 25, 2010.

Mark was born in Midland, Michigan and served 8 years in the US Navy. He moved to Arizona and was employed as a nuclear power plant electrician with APS since 1984.

He is survived by his wife, Patricia Anne; children Mark A. Van-Y II (Karina), Aric Van-Y (Cathy), and Athena M. Van-Y (Don); brothers Lawrence, Lyle (Melanie), and Joseph; sisters Pamela Long (Gary) and Carole Pageau (Paul) and grandchildren Jewel & Riley Van-Y.

Mark was preceded in death by his parents Alonzo & Doris and his brother Gregory Van-Y. Private family arrangements were made with Menke Funeral Home.


Menke Funeral Home



Mark served on-board the Wm. H. Bates as a nuclear-trained Interior Communications technician in E Division between 1973 and 1975, then transferred to the Lafayette where he served until separation in 1979.




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