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"Hey, I found this old box full of, well, stuff, you know, photos, and slides, and my old name tag, from back in the day when I was on the Bates."

"I know you said you'd scan it and get it into the Crew Gallery, but how do I go about doing that?"

I wish that was a question I had to answer more frequently. Regardless, when you finally dig up that old box of photos, here is how you go about getting them from your box into my office so I can get them into the Crew Gallery.

First, swing by Staples and get a box of 8x6 white envelopes that you can label with rough dates and places - Med Run 73-74, New London - March 78, that kind of thing.

While you are out, go by Fedex and pick up a free box big enough to put them all in, and maybe a little bubble wrap.

Label the envelopes before you put slides and photos in them, so you don't damage the film/photos with the pen tip. No need to mark the photos themselves - plenty of time to do that later on the website.

Load up the envelopes, and stuff the flaps inside so the prints/slides don't fall out.

Wrap all in bubble wrap, place in the Fedex box. (We'll use Fedex because they're good, and we can track the package - we do not want to lose it. If there is a lot, we may do it all in two or three separate shipments so we don't put it all at risk in one box. It also makes it easy for me to pay for it!)

When you are ready to ship, contact me, and I'll send you a shipping label you can print and use to ship the box through Fedex without charge.

I'll scan everything and get it up on the website, and in the Crew Gallery. You will be credited as the Contributor and listed as owner of the images.

When I'm done, I'll Fedex it back to you. Don't forget to include your address and phone number.

Then you and your shipmates can start putting accurate names and places with everything that's posted - that way you don't have to do it all yourself.

So quit sitting on your duff, and go climb up in the attic and find that old box you've been thinking about.

If you don't start now, it's going to be too late for some us. Get on it and get on it now. There isn't a moment to lose.

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