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If it was posted by someone besides yourself, you can't. You can either:

a) Contact the poster through his profile and request he modify the information, or

b) Add information in by posting a comment on the photo.


On the other hand, if you posted the photo, it is simple to make a change.

a) Go to your Crew Gallery User Panel (Up Scope! >> Crew Gallery >> Your Images >> Manage Your Images.)

b) You will be shown a listing of the photos that you have posted.

c) Find the photo you want to modify. To the right of the listing, there are two icons. One is a photo with a pencil - this means edit. The other is a photo with a 'minus sign' or the European traffic sign for 'Do Not Enter' - this will delete your image.

d) Click on the EDIT icon. You will be presented with an edit page that will let you change the title, move the photo to another category (pick one from the list), or add description information, which is displayed under the photo in the Crew Gallery.

e) Click the SAVE button when you are complete to save the changes and return to your control panel, or click Cancel to leave the information unmodified.


That's all there is to it. Contact the Site Administrator if you encounter difficulties.

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